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Okeanos Features

Okeanos is made for the future market of IP- Video Transcoding. It supports latest codec standards like AVC H.264 and H.265 HEVC. The main technical focus of okeanos is Adaptive Streaming in HLS in MpegTS or Fragmented Mp4 (fmp4).


  • Intel CPU x86 / 64 Bit Support
  • CUDA Decoding & Encoding
  • FPGA Socionext support (Only 64 Bit LINUX)
  • ARM 64 Bit support
  • Supports Encoding & Decoding
  • Batch Processing
  • Preset Editor
  • Apple HLS MpegTS Encryption
  • Supports X86 64 Bit for Windows & OSX
  • Clustering Options
  • Optional Plugins for more Features

System requirements Windows

  • Okeanos is optimized for Windows 10
  • X64 Bit OS & CPU
  • 400 Megabytes of Storage
  • 8 Gigabytes of RAM minimum
  • Nvidia GPU Card GTX 1060 or Higher

System requirements OSX

  • OSX Sierra / 64 Bit
  • X64 Bit OS & CPU
  • 400 Megabytes of Storage
  • 8 Gigabytes of RAM minimum
  • Nvidia GPU Card GTX 1060 or Higher (over Thunderbolt)

Streaming Output

  • Apple HLS / MpegTS Multi Profiles
  • Apple HLS / FMP4 Multi Profiles
  • Raypack® VR360 Streaming Support

Deep Learning Neuronal Networks

  • Adaptive Sharpness Filter
  • Motion Estimation Optical Flow Analyse
  • Artificial Learning 2-Pass Encoding

Decoders Audio

  • PCM
  • AAC
  • WAV

Decoders Video

  • Apple ProRes
  • H.264 / AVC 8 & 10 BIT
  • H.265 / HEVC 8 & 10 BIT
  • H.264 GPU
  • H.263
  • RAW YUV (8 & 10 BIT)

Encoders Video

  • AVC / H.264
  • HEVC / H.265

Encoders Audio

  • AAC


Okeanos Desktop Pricing

Okeanos free version is full functionally but encoding time is limited.

  • CPU Support
  • GPU Support
  • Unlimited Encoding
  • Support Email
  • Support Phone
  • HotFix Support
  • Lifetime Updates




29.95 / monthly
  • 48 Hours Response


1.499 / montly
  •  2 Hours Response

One-off payment (see *1)


*1) This version is for all those who don’t want to subscribe to our Cloud pricing models.

If you choose the one-off payment version, you get the full software and all updates for 12 Month are included. After the 12 Month, the software is fully working with all features, but new updates has to be paid. If you want to extend the update period after the first 12 Month we can renew the update period by paying a 45% update fee which is again active for 12 Month.

What You Get

A new way of video transcoding

Okeanos was written from scratch in 2015 and after 2 years of concept and hard work you have now access to the fastest encoding engine that gives you the best video quality worldwide.

No Setup or Hidden Fees

There is no setup or hidden fee. You can choose the free, monthly or one time fee version from Okeanos.

Secure Payment & Support

For all payments, we use the secure Stripe gateway. You communicate directly with the developers and not with an call center if you have any problems with Okeanos.

Thank you for your trust. CEO, Gary Hilgemann